• Vashikaran Specialist in Delhi
  • Vashikaran Specialist in Delhi
  • Vashikaran Specialist in Delhi
  • Vashikaran Specialist in Delhi
  • Vashikaran Specialist in Delhi
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Jagdamba Jyotish Services: Girlfriend Vashikaran Specialist in Delhi

Pandit S.K Shastri has a commendable astrological background where he has given complete solutions to all the problems faced by an individual. You can avail services in astrology, palmistry, numerology, match making, personalized horoscope, etc.

Career Life Solutions

We believe that Astrology can make a great difference on individual’s career life. This is what said from ancient times that to make or break a life is all hidden in the stars or destiny of person. Every individual personality on Earth are trying or making efforts to achieve some goal but what will bring forward a person from those millions of people is the right work on right time and this is what can make a difference on all efforts.

Girlfriend Vashikaran Specialist in Delhi

In our life we make decisions which sometimes prove to be correct and sometimes it shows fatal results. Astrology career guidance comes into existence here, as it concerns about the birth-chart, placement of the planets and the angles formed between the planets. The placements of planets have great importance in individual’s life and his/her decision.

The line of work which can lead the person’s excellence to shine is predicted by Astrologers as certain planets placement can make person shine, but some can show the path of failure. Hence, after studying the planets placement of a particular person, astrologers can help them decide the career/work line in which they are predicted to get success, prosperity and fame.

Astrologers after studying the planets position, predicts the best option or the alternative option which can lead to the bright future, will guide you for your career and solve your confusions related to career choice. After consulting our advice you will definitely become confident and optimistic about your decision.

Girlfriend Vashikaran Specialist in Delhi

Match-Making/Kundali Milan for Marriage

Marriage is the most important ceremony of life where two people come together to promise a bond between them will be for forever. But before taking this step they meet and like each other. Have you ever wondered there may be many people who have come across your life, but there is only one person to whom you are driven by? Is it a science or effect of the stars? Answer is yes, when a person is born at a particular time, the stars and the planet placements in that time, decides or predicts many things about the future of the person. In Astrology, the full report is termed as “Kundali”, which is written by our experienced Astrologer in which the Nakshtra(Stars) are studied of the birth time and future is predicted about Career, Behavior, Marriage and Family of the person.

When two people decides to get married, first of all Kundali-Milan/ Ashtakoot Milan is performed by the Astrologers in which points for factors that influence marriage are considered. Vedic Astrology has the best and excellent method of horoscope matching based on Nakshatras (Stars).

There are 36 characteristics/Gunas in Kundali that are matched during matchmaking to know about physical compatibility, sensitivity to each other’s emotional needs, friendship, living style, health, longevity and mutual affection. These Gunas decides about their acceptance, compatibility, connection and commitment after marriage. Chances of success of the marriage are more with more points. Depending on the Guna-Milan couples are advised to tie the knot for lifetime or to avoid the relation. If less than 18 Gunas are matched, then the marriage is not considered as reasonable and marriage is not recommended for them. If more than 18 Gunas are matched then, the marriage is predicted to be reasonable and the couple can start their married life socially. If the score is in the range of 18 - 24, then the match is acceptable (average). If the score is in the range of 25 - 32 then the match is very good (above average). If the score is above 32 then technically the match is excellent, but there is some other factors which have to be checked since both persons will be of same nature and that is not contributive for a long-term relationship.

Match-Making is a gift that helps you to connect with the right person to be your life partner.

Wealth and Business Problems

We all believe that money is not everything, but we cannot deny the fact that still money is one of the important factors which is responsible for our confidence, our family future and social dignity. It is one of the ways to judge success and potential of our personality. The mentality of today’s society is that if the person is rich then he do not need any introduction means “Money Speaks” and on the other side if person belongs from middle class family then his presence or absence do not affect people. Despite of all the points we ourselves believe that to live a life full of comforts, money is the prime factor and we need that in abundance.

Girlfriend Vashikaran Specialist in Delhi

In general finance has been categorized as inherited or accommodated. Some people are born with silver spoon in their mouth, where they are born in a family which is having money in abundance. They get all comforts with the blessings of Raj Yogas or can be said by luck or destiny. They acquire inherited property.

Some people do not acquire inherited property and such people have strong attraction towards money and so by using their intelligence power, hard work or by illegal means acquire wealth by him, termed as accommodated wealth.

In both the cases, people have to be very alert and careful to maintain or to increase the wealth or finance for fulfillment of life’s dream. As it is said “Health is Wealth”, so the real wealth is believed to be healthy and the influence or the impact of money on individual person is so much that it have a greater effect on Health, Relationships, Personality and Performances. Many times people have diverted themselves to incorrect path that have disturbed his/her life. Money cannot be judged by the person’s effort.

Sometimes person gives the best of the effort but its fruit is not fruitful despite of the efforts. When a person’s efforts are not rewarded and fail to solve financial problems, then person get caught into the health issues like Depression, feels alone and even they may get addicted to vices. Astrology here can be very useful in terms of managing time, money and wealth.

Girlfriend Vashikaran Specialist in Delhi
Managing the Money

When there is a lot of wealth, then there comes the question on how the money must be managed so that it keeps on increasing plus it is safe. This is the trickiest thing and one has to be a good decision maker and must have very sharp intellect.

The strength and placement of Mercury planet in individual’s horoscope has prominent influence in managing your money. The additional factors which can be responsible for money and wealth management in birth chart are Moon and Ascendant lord. Also, as per many astrologers fifth house is also helpful in managing your money. The combined firmness of these aspects of financial astrology are helpful in deciding if a person will be successful in managing money or otherwise. It is also believed that if the position of the Mercury planet and the fifth House not having the good position then the person may end up losing all the wealth may be inherited or accommodated.

Solving the Financial Problems

As it is well said, “Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge.” Therefore Astrology can give answers to many of our questions whom we are unable to find an answer. An expert astrologer reads the horoscope, position of planets, birth chart and after reading and analyzing them gives the best of the option to solve the financial problem. The might of third, ninth and eleventh houses is analyzed and the position of Mars and Jupiter is also supportive in discovering the level of help with financial problems.

Financial crisis is the conditions which can be arise due to incorrect decisions or mental or physical problems. Financial problems may include debts, loss of jobs, financial loss, loss or closure of business, heavy expenses, heath issues, theft, fire, accidents etc. It is believed that the might of ninth house and Jupiter are helpful as a protective cover and if they are in good position then the chances of recovery are also firm. Sometimes the decision which has been taken back a long time can affect the business or life after some time which needs the person to get alert and react to it as soon as possible. This is possible as per Horoscope when Third House and Mars are in good position, which makes an individual active and alert, and by instant recognition of the problem a perfect and timely solution can be provided to the unfavorable circumstances. The uninterrupted flow of money is judged by the Eleventh House.

Thus by analyzing all the above positions the best and favorable solution is provided to the person by the Vedic Astrologer and also if a person is not good in taking decision, we help them with the advance indications of probable future circumstances to plan and act accordingly.

Remedies of Financial Problems

It is believed by Financial Astrologers that the remedies of finance related problems are effective when they are resolved through the Vedic techniques like use of Gem Stones, Performing Puja/Havan to the God of wealth.

Gemstones have special effects on the person as it is carried by the person with him all the way. Fine quality gems have the power to increase the favorable results of beneficent planet influences and to depreciate the unfavorable effects of negative planets in accordance with the birth chart. They have the power to overcome the effects of harmful spirit, negative thoughts, anger, diseases etc. This exclusive ability has increased faith by humans from all over the word despite of its subtlety and secrecy. As they are available worldwide easily, is also one of the prime factors behind the important existence in Vedic Astrology. As discussed above that for wealth the primary houses are second and eleventh, and if the God of these houses are weak in the birth chart, then the person is advised to wear the gemstone in the form of locket or ring to increase the strength in these houses which will ultimately have favorable effect on the money, wealth, status, income and finance.

In addition to this, if the so called Cruel Planets like Mars, Saturn and Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) are causing more trouble in person’s life then wearing of Gemstone is very helpful in mitigating the effects of them on life.

Besides this all factor, Astrologers can give beneficial advice about personal and professional matters in the fields of entertainment, sports, manufacturing business, banking, engineering etc. Thus by exploring our real potentials and strength one starts getting fruitful results of their efforts and increase financial capability.

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